Calculation of Quantity

CalQuan Kross-X generates in-depth quantity reports foreach layer in the cross-sections. Area definitions can be user-specific and alsosoftware generated.

Cross Section Generation

Detailed chainage wise cross-sections are generatedwhich are suitable for client submission also with a single click all drawings can beconverted to PDF.

Linear Planning

Chainage & Time based 2D planning is provided which is innovative approach considered to existing project management software.

Work Progress Tracking

In-built software modules for DPR, RFI daily entry which also generates Graphical Presentation for comparison between multiple phases such as Base Plan, DPR, RFI, etc.

Resource Tracking

In-built software modules for daily entry for consumption tracking of various resources such as Machinery, Manpower & Materials.

Survey & Design

Software modules for Contour Generation, Design Alignment, Open Plot Volumes, Plan & Profile Generation.

Dynamic 3D Modelling

Dynamic 3D Modelling based on input data The 3D modeling is also integrated with work progress to generate progressive 3D model.


Other misc. features for Rate analysis, Generation of Strip Charts, Bar Charts, Document Management, Mobile Application, etc.

CalQuan Mr.ChandraShekhar Chougule (CEO & Founder)

Mr. Chandrashekhar Chougule is the founder–CEO of CalQuan India. He has graduated in B.E. (Civil) from the College of Engineering (COEP), Pune. Being a Civil Engineer, He is a holder of 'Microsoft Certified Professional' as a Solution Developer.

CalQuan Mr.ChandraShekhar Chougule (CEO & Founder)

As a developer, various customized tools are developed by Mr. Chougule depending upon the client's requirements. He has 20+ years of experience in the construction of Roads, Railways, Canal, Dams Projects.

CalQuan Mr.ChandraShekhar Chougule (CEO & Founder)

Mr. Chougule has provided services for various major infrastructure companies in the case of Cross Section generation, Quantity Calculation, Project Management, Survey, Design, etc for Civil Engineering & Infrastructure development companies since 1992.



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