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Price List

Software Licence Type Price Annual Maintenance
Kross-X Portable Rs. 2,49,000/- 20%
Kross-X Non Portable Rs. 1,49,000/- 20%
Kross-X Network(5 Users) Rs. 3,49,000/- 20%
Kross-X 3D Model Portable Rs. 4,99,000/- 20%
Kross-X Outside India Portable US$4800 20%
Kross-X Outside India Non Portable US$3600 20%
P.T.M. Project Specific - 20%

# Online Training As Per Our Schedule , Standard Features Covered

# Charges shall apply for Online Training with Project Specific Features.

# Additional charges are applicable for on-site training.

# Taxes:-GST as applicable.


Training, Installation - Per day basis

Services Price Unit
On Site Training(1 Day). 15,000/-** 6 hour session
On Site Training(2 Day). 24,000/-** 6 hour session
On Site Training(3 Day). 30,000/-** 6 hour session
On Site Training
(More Than Three Days ).
8000/-** Per Day 6 hour session
On Line Training. (Internet based) 2500/- 4 hour session
Training at our Pune office 6000/-** Per Day 6 hour session
Dongle Replacement For - Any Hardware Problem 6000/-  

Portable Edition

Installation can be done on any number of machines.

The program will work only on the machine where the USB dongle ( copy protection device) is connected.

Non Portable Edition

Single installation is activated (machine-specific password protected).

Installation can be transferred from one machine to another machine, a maximum of 4 times in one year.

The program will work on the password activated machine along with the connected USB dongle (copy protection device)

•Non-Portable edition may do not work on some machines where unique Id for hardware is not available as per our format. In such a case you should provide a machine as per our requirement.

Network Edition

Licensed for use in the Local Area Network.(Windows Server only)

Client-Server locations should not be spaced more than 100 mts apart.

Not to be used in locations like multiple site offices, different camps.

Copy protection device (USB Dongle) and their executable program are loaded by the CalQuan program on the server machine.

For the end-users machine to be activated, proper configuration & rights (In firewall, antivirus & similar program) needs to be provided between server & the end-user machine.


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