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Price List

Software Licence Type Price Annual Maintenance
Kross-X Non Portable Rs. 1,75,000/- 20%
Kross-X 3D Model Portable Rs. 4,99,000/- 20%
Kross-X Outside India Non Portable US$3600 20%
P.T.M. Project Specific - 20%

# Online Training As Per Our Schedule, Standard Features Covered.

# Charges shall apply for Online Training with Project Specific Features.

# Additional charges are applicable for on-site training.

# Taxes:-GST as applicable.


Training, Installation - Per day basis

Sl.No Services Price Unit
1 Onsite Training By Our Engineer 25,000/- 1 Day
2 Onsite Training By Our Engineer 40,000/- 2 Day's
3 Onsite Training By Our Engineer 55,000/- 3 Day's
4 Online Training - Internet Based Training as per weekly Schedule 3000/- 4 Hours
5 Training at our Pune Office 5000/- 6 hour session
6 CalQuan Kross X Implementtation* 100000/- -
7 Dongle Replacement For - Any Hardware Problem 6000/- -

*Non-Portable Edition (Online Installation and Activation)

• Single installation is activated (machine-specific password protected).

• After installation, you need to register with the 16 digit key provided.

• The application shall be automatically authenticated every time during startup.

• Both the above processes will be internet-based.

• Installation can be transferred from one machine to another machine, a maximum of 5 times in one year.

•Non-Portable edition may do not work on some machines where unique ID for hardware is not available as per our format. In such a case, you should provide a machine as per our requirement.


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