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Kross-X Advanced

A-001 - Save / Back Up Load Settings

B-001 - Master Template Road Without Median

B-002 - Master Template Road With Median

C-001 - Declare Levels

C-002 - Import OGL Vertical format

C-003 - Import Level Horizontal Format

C-004 - Import OGL From LDT

C-005 - Levels Preview

C-006 - Levels Base Chainage

C-007 - Levels Interpolate

C-009 - Import Level Vertical Multiple Levels

D-001 - Edit Level On Drawing

E-002 - Declare Parameter

E-003 - Import LE, RE data From OGL

E-004 - Concept of variable parameter

E-005 - Parameter Look Up Table

E-007 - Parameter Alpha Numeric

F-001 - Declare and Assign Type

F-003 - Type Assign To Range

F-005 -Type Assign Correlate To Condition And Evaluate

G-001 - Condition - Parameter Manual

G-002 - Condition Based on Calculated Parameter

G-005 - Complex Condition AND / OR

HC-001 - Build Definition Component

HC-002 - Two Lane By Components

HC-003 - Four Lane By Component

HC-007 - Inner Shoulder

HC-008 - Lower Shoulder

HC-009 - EMB Fill Layers

HC-010 - Benching

HC-011 - Existing Pavement

HC-012 - Median Fill

HC-013 - EMB Fly Ash Layers

HC-018 - Road Drains OS From Toe - Depth

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