Survey Software (Land Development Tools)


  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model):
    1. Perform triangulation and contour generation, including annotated contour drawings.
    2. Apply inner and outer boundaries to contours.

Volume Calculation Between Two Layers
(Two Point Groups)

  • Strings:
    1. Import data from files or the CAD interface, with the ability to edit directly within CAD.
    2. Assign line types and hatch patterns.
    3. Volume Calculation between surveyed surfaces:
    4. Utilize grid, cross-section, or triangulation methods for volume calculation, including drawings depicting initial and final stages, average RLs, and cut/fill quantities.

Point With RL Data

  • Point Groups:
    1. Import data from files, CAD points, or blocks.
    2. Directly create points within the CAD interface.
    3. Convert random points to a grid format based on triangulation.

HIP Data

  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignments:
    1. Define alignments with multiple points, including curves for geometric design.

VIP Data  (L-Section)

  • L-Sections Drawings:
    1. Produce drawings illustrating L-sections for comprehensive land development visualization.
    2. Our tools streamline land development processes, offering robust features for surveying, contouring, volume calculation, alignment design, and drawing generation.